Soundwave Art ™


Add our app feature to play your artwork using Augmented Reality!


Soundwave Art ™

Soundwave Art App Since 2012 we’ve been helping our customers create beautiful, unique personalized art from their voice patterns, voicemails, wedding vows, even heartbeats from ultrasounds. When we developed our Soundwave Art App we added a new dimension to Sound wave art –  Augmented Reality!

Add our app feature to your order and watch your art come to life! Just look for our app icon on the product image to know which items are compatible. Upload a video you want your art to play when scanned with our app! Or, we can have your art just play the audio file you use to create your art. Either way it makes for a unique, beautiful piece of art created from your voice.

No ugly QR codes here, your art itself is scannable!

Watch Your Art Come To Life!

Place a quick order, choose from popular products & colors

Your voice generates a unique sound wave pattern

We turn that pattern into beautiful, playable sound wave art

Record & Design Your Own
Soundwave Art Print
Starting at $44.99

Soundwave Art™ Print

These are meant for you to frame yourself, our app works best with non-glare glass.

Soundwave Art Canvas
Starting at $84.99

Soundwave Art ™ Canvas

1 1/2″ thick heavyweight canvas with satin finish. Comes ready to hang.

Framed Soundwave Art Print
Starting at $179.99

Framed Soundwave Art™

Classic Wood Moulding Frame with acrylic front. Multiple colors to choose from.

Soundwave Art Solid Wood
Starting at $324.99

Soundwave Art ™ Wood

Solid Wood. Add our media package to play your art with our mobile app!

Soundwave Jewelry
Starting at $119.99

Create a memorable piece of jewelry from your voice pattern. Rings, Pendants, Dog Tags.

Starting at $39.99

Turn any song into a unique piece of art. Print, canvas, aluminum, or wood.

Print Your NFT
Starting at $39.99

Print your NFTs and turn your digital asset into a physical print. App feature available.  

collective Consciousness
Starting at $69.99

The collective Consciousness Series by Surfing Galaxies. A unique set of futuristic art. 

Augmented Reality Photos – For a photo or artwork you already own

Have a special picture at home and want to enhance it? Add augmented reality to any image or artwork you already own. Upload your photo and a video and we’ll activate it with our mobile app so you can play your photo!

Have a great picture of your child’s birthday and a funny video of them opening their gifts? What about a picture of your pet? We know you have a lot of fun videos of them! Maybe a wedding photo and some beautiful footage from your wonderful day? Let us add something extra to that photo, a hidden surprise within your image.

Your image will be active within 14 hours, usually much quicker.


This is my favorite thing! – Howie Mandel

(America’s Got Talent, Deal or No Deal)

This is crazy! – James Murray

(Impractical Jokers)


Soundwave Art ™ offers the unique experience of converting your voice or any sound into personalized art or jewelry.

Just as a fingerprint is unique, your voice generates its own distinctive pattern, providing you with the opportunity to create a personal and truly unique gift. Our Soundwave Art ™ collection is perfect for that special piece of art to hang on your wall. Soundwave Jewelry™ allows you to create a piece that is unlike any other. Express your creativity and record a sentiment that will last for generations!


We developed our mobile app to add an entirely new dimension to art. We use augmented reality to play your art through your mobile device!

What exactly does that mean? Let’s say you create a piece of art from the voice pattern of a loved one. Does it make a cool and unique piece of art? It sure does! What if you could listen to that piece of art? That’s exactly what our app does. Simply open our app and hold it up to your art to hear that sound wave pattern. How about video? Why yes, we can do that too! This is where augmented reality comes in.

Soundwave Art Press

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