Enhance your marketing material

Augmented Reality

A better way to use QR codes

Add a new dimension to your marketing material

QR code marketing with enhanced QR codes

QR code Marketing
Scan the QR code on this mailer to see it in action!
QR code marketing - scan the QR code

Activate an augmented reality experience

Most real estate companies already use QR codes on their mailers and brochures but the majority of the time they just lead to a website. With ours your material can play a video with your take on the current market, a walkthrough of your most recent listing, or a message to your clients. The options are endless.


The video appears over your image through the users mobile device using augmented reality. Give it a try!

Smartphone Camera

Scan the QR code with a mobile device to begin the AR experience
QR code

Enhanced QR Code

Our QR code removes the need to install a mobile app to view AR

Augmented Reality

Brings your marketing material to life by making it playable

Simply scan with a smartphone

The experience is triggered when someone scans the QR code with an iOS or Android device. A transparent version of the image you want them to scan appears on their phone and lets them know to hover over the image to activate the experience.

QR code Marketing
QR code marketing

Soundwave Art Enhanced QR Codes

A new kind of QR code

By now most people know that a QR code is to be scanned. Until now, the most common use was to direct someone to a website. With our QR codes you can enhance the experience by making your marketing material playable offering information that a photo can't do on its own.

When the QR code is scanned with an iOS or Android device it triggers what is known as a "clip" or "instant app" which allows a user to access an app without installing it on their device. If the iOS or Android device is not compatible with instant apps the QR code will direct the user to the App Store to install our app - they can then scan the image.

All we need from you is a photo and video. We program the photo to play your video, then we send you the enhanced QR code. When you create your marketing material include the photo and the QR code and you're good to go!

To get the most out of our service it would be best to provide an image that you use on every piece of marketing material. This way when we provide the QR code you can use the code and photo on multiple pieces of material.

Each month you can provide a new video and the next time that code is scanned your new video will play. Same code/photo - new content every month.

AR has the unique ability to communicate details about the look and feel of something that traditional photos just can’t match.

There is a $5 setup fee so your first payment is $14.99 it will then renew at $9.99 a month (cancel anytime). Each month you can provide a new video and we will program your code/image to play the new video. One image - endless marketing opportunities.

Enhanced Augmented Reality QR codes

For a limited time get your first month on us!

Then $9.99 a month (unless you cancel)

First payment is $14.99

  • Unlimited scans
  • Up to a 3-minute video
  • URL link (https only)
  • Click to call
  • Change video monthly
  • Cancel anytime


Include up to two action buttons within your video

App video buttons



Some Augmented Reality Statistics

The augmented reality concept first appeared in 1968

0 %

of consumers believe AR can bring them benefits

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of media planners want AR ads in marketing campaigns

$ 0 billion

the current value of the Augmented Reality market

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of consumers say they prefer retailers with AR experiences