Create your own custom artwork

Say "I Love You" speak your wedding vows, babys heartbeat...

How to make Soundwave art

Augmented Reality Soundwave Art

Choose A Product

We offer many quality products such as prints, canvas, aluminum, and a layered wood Soundwave which are capable of being played with our app.

Record And Design

When you locate the product you want simply click the design yours button to open our software. Record or upload your file, then design it.

Play Your Art

Add our app feature to make your art playable. No ugly QR codes here, we developed our own augmented reality mobile app to bring your art to life.


View a walkthrough of our design software

Once you click design yours on a product our software will open

Playable artwork

playable artwork We developed our own augmented reality mobile app to enhance your artwork. When scanned your art will come to life by either playing a video of your choice or by simply playing the audio recording you used to create your artwork.

We don’t offer QR codes to play your art for the simple reason – they’re ugly! We would never ask our customers to place an ugly code on their design which is why we created the Soundwave Art™ app.

Available on iOS and Android

We developed Soundwave Art™ in 2012 to offer a unique way to tell someone how much you love them. Creating playable artwork from your voice, a baby’s heartbeat, a special memory, virtually any sound turned in custom art is such a beautiful way to not only display your love but to have a hidden message within the art.