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Enhance your Soundwave Art experience!

The Soundwave Art App will bring your artwork to life. Our app analyzes your unique art and creates a model based on shapes, lines, proportions, and colors. It then matches that model against the Soundwaves in our database. When it matches your artwork with the file used to create it, the magic happens by overlaying an enhanced generated video on top of your artwork, using augmented reality to merge the digital and physical world. Just add the Soundwave Media™ package to your order when selecting your product options. Our app works with these products: Acrylic Prints, Canvas, Metal, Standard Prints, Layered Wood.

The recording for your Soundwave image can be as long as you want but for use with our app the audio/video has a limit of 3 minutes. The app can play either your audio file you used to create your artwork or a personal video of your choosing. The audio/video file for the app can be up to 3 minutes in length and a max size of 200 MB, the shorter the video the quicker it will load. Watch this short video to see it in action!

Look for our app icon when searching our store to know which products are compatible with our app 

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Soundwave Art

Soundwave Art

Already purchased a piece of Art from us? Add Soundwave Media™ to enable your previously purchased artwork.


Animation, Time-Lapse, Painter, Muralist

Add a new dimension to your art


Ever think about becoming an Augmented Reality artist? With the Soundwave Art App you can! There are some amazing things happening with art these days. Add a new dimension to yours with our mobile app. Create a time-lapse video of you creating your art, maybe use animation, how about recording a special message to the person that purchases your art? See what the artist on the right did with her piece. Scan it with our app!

Forest by Julie Gratz

Forest by Julie Gratz


Real Estate, Album Artwork, Recording Studios, Car Dealership, Retail, E-commerce


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One image, endless marketing


One piece of marketing material can turn into endless opportunities. Think about your logo, you use it everywhere – your website, business cards, magazines, flyers, T-shirts. Now think about this – when scanned with the Soundwave Art™ mobile app your logo comes alive with your promotional video, call to action buttons with click to call and link to your website. The best part – you can change your video anytime!!!

Augmented Reality Marketing


Create a promotional video that people can watch simply by scanning your marketing material with the Soundwave Art app. Use it to show off your work, create a commercial, special promotions, show off the properties you have listed, anything you can think of can be synced to any image. There is no limit to how many times it can be scanned and better yet, you can swap out your video anytime you want, making your image an endless marketing opportunity. Link to your website, Facebook page, email or phone directly from the video.


Turn your favorite photo into a living memory

Scan these images and watch them come to life

Soundwave Art app - beach


Baby birthday