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Art & Jewelry Created From Sound

Already have your own art? Make it interactive!

$9.99 per year
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This is strictly for turning a piece of art or image that you already have into an augmented reality piece of art. We are not creating a physical product. This WILL NOT work on tattoos.

Your art/photo will remain active with our Soundwave Art app as long as you continue your subscription. You can cancel at any time by visiting MY ACCOUNT


  • Upload a digital version of your art or take a picture of the piece of art you want to use making sure the photo is taken straight on and so all four corners are visible.

  • Upload an audio or video file that you want to play when you scan your art.
  • It's important that the image and video are in the same orientation. (if the image is wider than it is tall then the video should be widescreen as well)
  • We'll contact you within 14 hours (usually much quicker) to let you know when your image is ready to be scanned.
  • Download our app on iOS or Android
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The smallest size we recommend is a business card size (roughly 3.5 inches by 2 inches. The largest size we have done is a mural on the side of a two-story building so use your imagination!
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This is for personal art only, If you are a business please look at our marketing options.

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