Create Sound wave Art ™

Choose a product, record your message, design your soundwave.

Art & Jewelry Created From Sound


Give the gift of sound

Since 2012 we’ve been helping people create memorable, playable gifts for any occasion. We also help businesses create unique corporate gifts for their employees or clients. If you’re looking for something other than branded swag or a jelly of the month club (Christmas Vacation anyone) we can help you create something special. When it comes to corporate gifts we have something different that your employees or clients can customize themselves or you can make something that represents your company similar to the piece shown here.

The extra special part is that the art can be playable with our Soundwave Art mobile app if you wish to add that option. Download our app and scan the “turn up your sound” image that we created for Audacy which they sent out to clients.
unique corporate gifts

Customized for you

Whether you want to send them a piece you design with a special message from your CEO or if you want to send them a gift that they can record and design themselves – we would love the chance to help you put together some unique corporate gifs that your employees or clients will appreciate.

Need to send 10, 50, 100 plus gifts? We can handle small or larger orders, we can create a custom page on our website where you can direct your employees/clients so they can create their own and we’ll ship it directly to them, We can even create custom sizes to fit your needs and budget. 

If you are on the hunt for gifts that stand out, something different from the typical corporate gift, something that your employees or clients can customize from a special memory look no further. We think we have just the gift you’ve been looking for. For more information fill out the form below, we would love to discuss your project and help you create a truly unique corporate gift.

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