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Red Bull

Red BullRed Bull was looking for a cool and unique way to promote their album: Sounds of Red Bull – Pushing to the Front Line, so they contacted us with an idea. They asked if they could use the Soundwave Art™ app to scan a bandanna to play one of the tracks, then link it to the full album on Spotify. We said no problem, we would love to do that!


Since bandanas can be worn in many different ways, we decided we should make it scannable in multiple locations. If you take a look at the design located to the right, you can scan the entire bandana or each corner. Either way, the bandana will play the first single from the album and provides a link to the full album on Spotify!


Give it a try, download our app on iOS or Android and scan the bandana

augmented reality marketing

73% of Americans are ``knowledgeable” and excited to engage with AR0%

One piece of marketing material, endless opportunities

Your image stays the same but your content can change any time you want!

augmented reality marketing

augmented reality marketingMeet Pixa

Being in business since 1983, it was time for them to change and re-brand themselves as pixa. Over the past 35 years, they grew into a Leading integrated marketing communications provider. They felt the need to re-brand to more accurately reflect who they are now.


They commissioned us to integrate their new logo and Soundwave pattern into an augmented reality experience for anyone visiting their headquarters in Phoenix, AZ. They filmed a professional video and with the use of the Soundwave Art™ mobile app, their new video will play by overlaying the video through a mobile device right on top of their name and Soundwave pattern.


Give it a try by scanning the image on the left, just focus our app on hi, we’re pixa and the Soundwave to see it in action! Available on iOS and Android

65% of consumers see clear benefits in using AR for shopping, product demonstrations, and learning new skills0%

Your logo is all over the internet, your building, marketing material

With AR marketing your logo is more than just your logo – use it to reach your customers in an entirely new way


PRP LogoPRP Universitas Nasional


Interested in raising awareness for orangutan conservation, The National University in Indonesia and Primate Research Center reached out to us to help them by creating a Soundwave from one of their orangutan’s calls.


We created a Soundwave from an orangutan named Wendy. We created the image along with their logo to have printed on t-shirts. When you scan the shirt you’ll hear Wendy!


Try it out by downloading our app which is available on iOS and Android

PRP shirt design

88% of Mid-Market Companies are already using some form of Virtual or Augmented Reality as part of their business0%

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