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Choose a product, record your message, design your soundwave.

Art & Jewelry Created From Sound

Want to print your own Soundwave Art?

Create a Soundwave Art digital download – $9.99

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Digital Download Options

Don’t have time to wait for a finished product from us? Want to use a local printer? No problem! We have two options for you if you want to print your own Soundwave Art. 

Option 1: Use our full design tool and style your Soundwave using endless color options. Solid colors, multi-color, gradient. Any color combinations you can imagine.

Option 2: Having trouble selecting colors – choose from the most popular color choices.

The cost to create a digital download is $9.99. You’ll receive your file within 14 hours but typically much, much quicker. We’ll send you a high-resolution PDF and JPG sized per your request. You’ll have the option to insert the size you plan on printing when making your product selections. 

Are you wanting to add our app feature? Please read…

Our app feature will need to be added AFTER you print your art. It’s important to understand that we developed our app to play the artwork we create. It was designed to play prints, canvas, aluminum. Flat, square or rectangular surfaces. This does not mean that we can’t make it work if you print your own but there are limitations.

There will be an extra step in order to make your own printed Soundwave playable, because of this you will need to add our app feature after you print your art. There are a few reasons for this: if you make any adjustments to the image whether it be adding/changing text or printing it at a different size or color we would need to know this before programming to make sure it plays properly.

You’ll receive information on adding our app feature when we send you your digital files.

Our app is a subscription service, the cost to add it is $24.99 for a 5-year activation or $44.99 for 10-years. It can be renewed.

prints - engravings
Larger flat surfaces = yes | engravings, clothing, jewelry = no

Product Limitations

We highly recommend sticking to the standard types of art such as prints & canvas, flat surfaces where you are printing the entire image we provide.  Engraving the Soundwave into wood or metal will not work, jewelry will not work. We do not recommend clothing such as shirts or hoodies as we can’t guarantee that we could get them to work and even if we did they will stop working as the image starts to fade. We do not recommend printing anything smaller than a standard business card.

Important app info

The time limit for our app feature is 3 minutes. You must own the rights to the audio or video that you want to play. You should choose colors that offer a good contrast between the Soundwave pattern and background. All dark or all light colors are not ideal. For example a combination of black and dark blue almost never work. If we think that your design will not work with our app we will let you know.

If you don’t plan on adding our app feature the colors you choose and the product you want to print on will not be an issue.

Start creating your Soundwave Art digital download