Print Your NFTs

Add augmented reality to enhance them

Print your NFT, display it on your wall. Even make them playable!

Soundwave Art™ has been creating and printing art since 2012. For NFTs we’re offering our standard prints which are meant for you to frame yourself, and our prints adhered to an aluminum mounting system which comes ready to hang. By adding our augmented reality feature (see example video below) you can enhance your art using an audio file or even a video, making your printed NFT playable.

Standard Print (meant for you to frame yourself) Starting at $39.99
NFT prints
Print adhered to aluminum (comes ready to hang) Starting at $89.99

Make your NFT playable!

Not only can we print your NFT but you can add our augmented reality feature to enhance your experience. This sample of what you can create to make your NFT playable.

Upload your own video or audio file to make your NFT playable. We’ll include a link which will open your NFT on OpenSea or the market place of your choice.