Ground devices for tank trucks

Tank trucks that perform fuel transportation must be equipped with special grounding devices when carrying out the fuel plum.

Their use allows you to minimize or eliminate the formation of static electricity in the hose. This phenomenon occurs in the hose at a time when filling or emptying the capacitance of flammable liquid occurs.

Grounding device

This device is a grounding conductor having at the two ends of the clamps, which are attached to the hose or metal parts of the tank truck. After the UZA is fixed, the ground is performed automatically.

Modern modifications of such a device, as a tank truck grounding device, have a special indicator that lights the light on whether it is grounded or not. They can be equipped with both fuel reception and tank trucks, as an independent unit.

Today there are several models for grounding device. All of them receive power from the electrical network, the voltage in which is equal to the 220V mark. The use of them is quite simple and does not represent complexity. After the device is connected, the user can see the lighting of the indicator. If the work is permitted, the light is green, if the grounding is not completed - the red glow signals about it. Moreover, if the necessary conditions for safe manipulations with fuel are not provided, UZA automatically blocks the movement of the fuel on the hose.

Due to this, the threat of fire or explosion formation is completely eliminated as a result of safety disruption.

Options Uza.

Since this device is powered by a power supply, it is released in three versions, thanks to which the user can choose the most optimal for its operation.

So, the first variant of Uza connects to the network with a voltage of 220V. The second is equipped with an adapter, but it is designed for voltage in 12V. The work of the third type of UzA is ensured by an autonomous power source. In this case, the charger comes with it.

Making means to protect against fires and explosions when working with fuel is made with a mandatory compliance with the standards of the GOST. In addition, for sale, such devices are offered with a set of documents where indicators for explosion protection and other parameters are noted.

Usage Uza is a prerequisite for the fuel plum / drain. Without using it, it is impossible to implement these manipulations. This device guarantees the exclusion of situations in which there is a possibility of fire or explosions.

A tank truck grounding device is a guarantee of complete safety for the life and health of people, so its use is required when working with fuel, which is a flammable material.