The use of nonwoven materials in the production of mattresses

In the furniture industry, non-woven materials are mainly used to protect and tightness. And not surprising! It is for this role that it is produced or at least for its specific species. When it comes to mattresses, needle nonwoven material, which is often confused with its silicone counterpart. What does the comparison of these materials look like?

Silicone nonwoven material - characteristics and application
The material consists of polyester silicone fibers, which are very soft and fluffy. But that's not all. The specified nonwoven material is also very elastic and resistant to deformation, which is a significant advantage in the case of filling. In addition, it can be washed in water, so refreshing the items that are not difficult for them. Silicone nonwoven material does not highlight odors and does not absorb them. Where is it most often used? Among other things, in blankets, jackets and sleeping bags. But the most important thing is that thanks to its characteristic features, nonwoven material can be used in children's products. It is completely safe.

If you are thinking about choosing a certain type, you should know that it is available on the market in two thickness options. For the manufacture of sides beds, sleeping bags and quilted blankets, a slightly thicker material is used, for example, Minsk. In turn, the thin silicone fleece is used to fill the autumn and spring jackets, lungs covered and covered. In a word, objects that do not have to perform a protective function. Is the material considered in the production of mattresses? Not! Despite the fact that it is widely used for filling, including for furniture, the elements of the mattress are complemented by another type phlizelin.

Needle nonwoven material - characteristics and application
When producing mattresses, needle nonwoven material is used. All springs are fixed by the specified material. It is thanks to him in their assortment there are no deformations. In addition, this kind of nonwoven material is soft, which provides a pleasant stay. It is used in the production of mattresses and other upholstered furniture.

From the point of view of allergies, it is important that non-woven material from synthetic fibers is completely safe. Does not cause allergic reactions. Moreover, all its technical parameters can be customized to their needs. Meanwhile, only website offers honest reviews and the latest news from the gambling world