How to travel on a small budget?

How can a student solve his or her problems with studies?

If he is going to trip on a student budget during his studies, he has the opportunity to pass the session early. The reasons for taking the exams early must be convincing and necessarily documented. Going abroad, moving to study in another city or country just might be examples of such reasons.

A prerequisite is the absence of academic debts for previous semesters. If a student has no academic "tails" and there is a good reason, he can safely go to the dean's office of his faculty and get an examination sheet. Without an examination sheet, the instructor will not accept examinations outside of the established deadlines.

The faculty dean's office will tell you about further procedures for taking courses early.

How much money does a student need to have to travel?

If travel includes expenses for travel, lodging, meals, and entertainment, as is traditional, it will likely take a student a very long time to save up for such a vacation.

However, students always have the option of participating in international volunteer programs that provide free lodging and meals, which will already be a significant savings. Quite often volunteer camp programs include organized excursion trips.

A student traveler on such a trip will need to pay for a round-trip ticket, in-country transportation (for example, a bus to go to another city), and a visa, if one is needed. As a rule, participation in volunteer trips requires payment of a fee to the sending organization, and it is better to have a small amount if you want to walk around the city and buy something.

How to go to another country if you don't know the language?

It is not unreasonable for everyone to take a phrasebook or install a mobile app for translation on their trip.

If you participate in a volunteer project, you have to constantly communicate and interact with other people, at least try to express your thought somehow so that other people understand you. Volunteers immerse themselves in the language because they speak the language 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

This type of travel really tightens up your language skills. After three weeks your vocabulary is replenished, you start speaking faster, you learn sentence structures.

What do international volunteer organizations offer?

International volunteer camp projects have a wide variety of focus. Volunteers help organize festivals, care for farm animals, conduct archaeological excavations, do environmental work, teach foreign languages to children and much more.

All of these camps - workcamps - exist within one global community organization, SCI - Service Civil International. SCI offers many options for volunteers: short-term (average duration 2 weeks) and long-term projects (6 - 12 months).

In short, a workcamp is a unique form of volunteerism that brings together people from different countries, cultures, and traditions to live and work together with local communities for two to three weeks.

How not to get confused in a new place?

The journey from home to camp is always a journey because the organizers will not meet you at the airport. You need to make at least an approximate route in advance. Do not panic if something does not go according to plan, there are always friendly people ready to help.

When you come to a new place, you must learn how to behave in the street or in a store, how to pay for transport, because in every country there are different rules from what we are used to at home, and they must be respected.

Algorithm for student travelers

  • Choose a camp you like on the SCI website.
  • Submit an application.
  • Arrange for early checkpoints.
  • Arrange for a visa (if necessary).
  • Save up some money.
  • Pay the camping organization fee.
  • Start to learn the language.
  • Get a phrasebook or download an app to translate.
  • Get acquainted with the rules of conduct in the country.
  • Print a city map.
  • Prepare in advance a list of places you want to visit in your free time.
  • Make an approximate route from the airport to the camp.