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Unique alternatives to the traditional wedding ring

Traditional engagement and wedding rings are a sweet tradition filled with historical and symbolic significance. Although the materials used, and even their exact meaning, have differed widely, wedding rings have existed in cultures around the world for at least 5000 years.

Steeped in tradition though they may be, wedding and engagement rings are not for everyone. Many occupations make it impractical or dangerous to wear a ring. Some people want a more permanent alternative to a ring, and still others have found that changes in body weight over the course of their marriage make wearing their wedding ring uncomfortable or impossible.

Are you looking for something more than the traditional wedding band? Whether you want a ring-free alternative or you just want to put a new spin on an old tradition, you won’t want to miss our list of alternatives to traditional wedding rings.

Finger Tattoos

If you and your sweetie aren’t into jewelry and you don’t mind a little bit of pain, then wedding tattoos are a great way to commemorate and celebrate your life together. Many couples opt for matching or complementing tattoos on their ring fingers, with designs as simple or ornate as their personal styles dictate. Finger tattoos are great for people who work as physicians or in a job that involves dangerous machinery, or for those who find rings to be uncomfortable or difficult to keep track of. After it’s healed, a finger tattoo is more comfortable than an actual ring.

Wedding Necklace

A wedding necklace provides another unique ring alternative for couples. Whether they choose to simply slip their wedding bands onto a chain or they opt for a beautiful custom pendant, a wedding necklace gives the couple something to exchange during a wedding ceremony. If you and your partner decide to go this route, engraved pendants provide a unique personalized touch. With Soundwave Art, you and your partner can record a sentiment, which we’ll convert into a soundwave pattern and engrave onto your pendant.

Bridal Earrings

While diamond rings are still the preference for most brides, more and more are deciding to wear their diamonds in their ears, where they will be just as noticed and admired. Available in a variety of sizes, cuts and metals, bridal earrings are a beautiful, totally customizable option for modern brides.


Like wedding necklaces, bracelets are a great alternative that gives a couple something to exchange during their wedding ceremony. Adorn yours with a horizontal pendant engraved with a meaningful message for a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry.

Engraved Wedding Ring

Perhaps you and your partner want to go the ring route, but you’re looking for something a little outside of the norm. An engraved wedding band is perfect for men and women alike and can be customized with the message of your choice. For a unique touch, consider a soundwave engraving, which is created from your recorded message. Because the soundwave engraving is created from both your personalized message and your unique voice, each piece is truly a one-of-a-kind. Soundwave Rings® are available in cobalt chrome, titanium, and zirconium and can be ordered in a variety of sizes and widths.

Whether you choose an engraved ring or pendant, or you ditch the jewelry altogether and opt for ink, you have plenty of options to choose from.

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I spent 17 years in the music industry and have always had a love of art. Combining music, sound, and art was a perfect fit.

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