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How to Transition a Nursery to a Toddler Room

It seems to happen overnight. One day, you’re rocking your sweet, long-awaited baby, and the next, you’re chasing a still-sweet but fiercely independent toddler. As your toddler continues to grow and change, seemingly on a daily basis, it’ll soon be time to give their bedroom an update. Here are a few tips for transitioning a nursery to a toddler room.

Out with the Old, In with the New

One night, it’ll happen. You’ll be awoken with a great thud. You’ll go into your baby’s room to find them on the floor, either in tears or reveling in their impressive accomplishment. You may be fortunate enough to be able to keep them sleeping in their crib for a few more weeks or months, but before long, it’s going to be time to make that dreaded transition to the toddler bed. If yours is a convertible crib, then it’s probably just a matter of unscrewing a few bolts and switching out a crib side for a safety rail. Otherwise, you can opt for a freestanding toddler bed, which uses the same standard-sized crib mattress that your child is currently sleeping on.

Time to Go Shopping!

With that big kid bed, you’re going to need some big kid bedding. While you can obviously continue to use the crib sheets that you’ve been using since Day 1 (after all, backup sheets are always good to have around), you’ll probably want to get a toddler bedding set to supplement what you already have on hand. To make the transition feel less intimidating and more exciting for your toddler, let them pick out their own bedding.

Give Them Some Space

Floor space, that is! Now’s the time to move that rocking chair and ottoman, the bulky swings and exercises, and maybe even the changing table. Make some room for a play area and if possible, a toy box or cubby. Up until now, after you’ve put a toy away, it’s most likely stayed in that spot until you retrieve it. Those days of perfectly arranged toys are numbered, so invest in bins, group like items together, let your child learn to organize their toys, and enjoy hassle-free cleanup.

Rethink Storage

Just in case you haven’t already noticed, toddlers like (ie: demand) to do things themselves. If your child’s clothes are hanging out of reach in a closet or are in a drawer above their head, do your best to move everything so that is within easy reach.

Think About Wall Art

As your child grows, their décor is sure to undergo some changes. As you’re phasing out the baby decorations in favor of alphabet posters and fun wall decals, consider incorporating artwork that they can enjoy their entire lives. At Soundwave Art, we make it possible to create custom wall art that will be cherished for a lifetime. Simply record a personalized message, a quote from a beloved book, or even upload a recording of your child’s heartbeat. Our wall art is available in a wide selection of sizes and styles, and most can be customized with nearly any color scheme.

When it comes down to it, transitioning your nursery to a toddler room is all about providing a safe, comfortable place where your child can enjoy independence. By taking on these changes one step at a time and making each new addition to the room exciting, you can create a space that your growing child will love.

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