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When it comes to escaping everyday life, getting away from electronics and enjoying nature, nothing compares to tent camping. In fact, compared to other vacations, camping is believed to be the most relaxing, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and less stressed. Between setting up your site, catching and/or cooking your meals and keeping your area clean, camping comes with a few more chores than the traditional vacation. However, these tasks are different from our everyday life, and they provide an opportunity to discover and use different skill sets. The experience can be as rustic or luxurious as you prefer, and chances are, you’ve got some fantastic state and national parks within easy driving distance.

To make sure that your camping experience is relaxing, we’ve put together a list of 5 tips for camping.

5 Tips for Camping in a Tent

Know Your Tent

Unless you’re a camping pro and you’ve set up your tent so many times that you could do it in your sleep (or at a campground on a dark, stormy night with limited lighting), it’s a good idea to set up your tent at home before you load it into your vehicle. This will give you the opportunity to make sure that it’s free from tears, all the zippers work properly and you’re not missing any stakes or poles.

Waterproof Your Tent

While you’ve got that tent set up, spray it down with some waterproofing spray. Although most tents are treated with a waterproofing agent to keep moisture from soaking into the fabric, that can wear off over time.

Time Your Trip Wisely

If possible, consider scheduling your camping trip for the middle of the week. The park will be less crowded, the bathrooms will be cleaner and you’ll have a better chance of getting the location that you want.

Know Your Campsite’s Amenities

Some campgrounds offer resort-style amenities like pools, staff-led activities and restaurants, and many feature clean restrooms with hot showers, free wireless internet, picnic tables, grills and firepits. Do a little research before you book your site to make sure that you understand the amenities that are available and, just as importantly, what amenities aren’t.

Prepare for a Good Night’s Sleep

Camping doesn’t have to mean spending a cold night on hard, lumpy ground (unless you like that sort of thing). A thick pad, a cot or an air mattress can let you enjoy a great night’s sleep so that you’re able to get the most from your trip.

Camping is also a fantastic way to fully enjoy the night sky. Once you’re away from city lights, you have the opportunity to see bright stars, constellations and even planets. With our unique Star Map Art, you can capture the night sky above your favorite getaway. Choose a location and a date, and we’ll design your art based on the alignment of the stars from that location. Our Star Map Art is compatible with our Soundwave Art mobile app, meaning that you can upload a photo or a video montage from that location and pair it with your artwork. Every time you scan the artwork with your smartphone, your chosen image will come to life using AR technology.

Find out more about Star Map Art here, or click here to explore our cool app.

Do you have any tips for camping? Let us know!

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