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Tips for Buying Wood Art (And a Giveaway!)

Wood artwork is timeless. Every piece is unique, and it’s among the few home décor elements that are guaranteed to stand the test of time. This organic element complements any decor, meaning that the beautiful wooden artwork that you’ve invested in will fit into your living space, even as your personal taste and style change over the years. Interested in incorporating some wood pieces into your home? Here are some tips for buying wood art.

Think Small Business vs. Mass Produced

Obviously, there’s nothing wrong with falling in love with a wood piece that you find at a big box store and snatching it up on impulse, but if you’re setting out to find wood décor, think small business over mass-produced. This gives you the opportunity to purchase a signature piece and support an artisan, which is something that you just don’t get with mass-produced artwork. Consider skipping the store and instead shopping at a local artisan fair or curated show or browsing through the online shops of small businesses or even hobbyists.

Spend a Little More for Quality

A veneer is a thin piece of wood that is glued to particleboard. While a high-quality wood veneer has the same look as real wood (at least for a few years), in most cases, it’s worth it to consider saving up your money to purchase the real thing. Solid wood holds up much better to everyday life, and with proper care, it becomes even more beautiful with time. Wood veneer, on the other hand, is generally a short-term investment that loses its beauty, and oftentimes, its functionality, after a few years.

Mix It Up

Even if your living room or dining room is dominated by wood furniture that all has the same type of grain and finish, don’t be afraid to bring in a piece that has a different finish. While it’s generally a good idea to have similar tones of wood in one space, you can easily have different species of wood into one room. Some decorators even recommend this approach for clients who want to keep their living space from looking like a showroom.

Learn How to Care for Your Wood Art

Finding a beautiful wood piece for your living space is one thing, but keeping it looking beautiful is another. Stay away from chemical cleaners; in most cases, a dry microfiber cloth or a feather duster is all you need to keep it dust-free. Every few weeks or months, depending on whether the wood piece is simply displayed or serves a more practical purpose, you can clean it with by using a natural wax or a little bit of orange oil.

Check Out Our Giveaway

Now that we’ve given you some tips for buying wood art, this month, we’re giving away a custom piece of wood art that can be created from any sound, whether it’s your child’s laughter, a message to a loved one or a line from a favorite poem or song. Our layered wood art is compatible with our app, so when you upload an audio or video clip and link it to your artwork, you can enjoy it via augmented reality.

You can enter either through Facebook or with your email address, and you can earn bonus entries by following us or sharing the link to the giveaway. Click here to enter.

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