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How to Host a Successful Yard Sale

Getting rid of clutter is always a great feeling, but actually being able to make money off of that clutter? That makes those hours of purging and sorting all worth it. While there are several ways to do that, such as putting up a listing for each individual item on an online marketplace, a good old-fashioned yard sale is often the most effective, especially when you have a lot of clothes, knick-knacks, and other small items that you’d like to sell.

Having a yard sale, though it seems like a pretty easy undertaking, can be very frustrating if you don’t know what you’re doing. Taking the time to plan it out will go a long way in ensuring its success and putting more money in your pocket.

Choosing Your Location Wisely

Are you fortunate enough to live on a road less traveled? You might love your quiet street, but when it comes to having a yard sale, the busier the street, the better you’ll do. If you don’t live on a road that sees much action, then consider talking to a friend or family member that lives in a busier area to find out if you can borrow their yard for the weekend.

Picking Your Date

If possible, plan to have your yard sale before the summer heat really sets in. Yard sale veterans are pretty divided on whether Saturdays or Sundays are better for sales, so if you have the stamina, consider hosting your sale on both days. If you’re able to coordinate yard sale dates with neighbors, all the better.

Start Early

The early bird catches the worm; in this case, the “worm” is the die-hard yard sale sleuth who is driving up and down the streets of residential neighborhoods at 6:30 a.m., hoping to score some Precious Moments figurines and antique tools before everyone else stumbles out of bed. Shoppers start early, so be prepared to give up your morning to sleep in. On the bright side, this likely means that you’ll be able to wrap up your yard sale by the early afternoon before the heat of the day really sets in.


Even if you’re not able to host your yard sale in a busy location, you can still attract a lot of interest by advertising. Share the date and time, along with information on some of the items that you’re selling, on social media and classified advertisement websites. And don’t forget to hang some signs in strategic locations with all the pertinent information, as this will be how most of your visitors find out about your sale.


The biggest mistake that people make when hosting a yard sale is that they price their wares too high. No one goes to a yard sale expecting to pay anywhere near retail price for an item, so even if something is brand new and in its original packing, you’re going to need to give it a good discount to move it. Follow the 50-30-10 rule: mark brand new, never-been-used items at 50 percent of their retail price, very gently used items at 30 percent of their retail price, and used items at 10 percent of their retail price. And don’t forget to have plenty of cash on hand for making change.

Recruiting Help

A yard sale requires a ton of energy, so consider combining forces with friends or neighbors. Having an extra person or two around to answer questions, man the register, or run errands will make the entire day easier.

A well-planned and executed yard sale is great for getting rid of the stuff that has outlived its usefulness and making room for new decor while letting you make some extra money on the side. Follow these tips to ensure that your sale goes off without a hitch.

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