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Soundwave Art™ Curved Metal


Soundwave Art™ Curved Metal 01112
Create a unique gift by turning your voice or any sound into art - Soundwave Art! Our curved metal prints are stand alone, perfect for a bookshelf, side table, or office desk.
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Brand:Soundwave Art™
Select Style Concave (curved inward) (0) Convex (curved outward) (0)
Select Your Metal Print Size 5" x 7" (0) 4" x 12" (5) 8" x 10" (15) 11" x 14" (70)
Want to use our app to play your art? Add this option. Our app can't play music unless you own the copyright to the song. No (0) Yes (24.99)
If you want a video to play when you scan your Soundwave please upload it here. Video looks best in landscape. Our app has a limit of 3 min. and 200MB for either audio or video.
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Soundwave Art™ Curved Metal Curved Metal Concave Soundwave Art™ Curved Metal