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Aluminum Photo Art with Soundwave Media™


Aluminum Photo Art with Soundwave Media™ 01062

Turn your favorite photo into aluminum art! Upload your photo, then upload a video related to your photo. With our Soundwave Media™ technology you will be able to scan your art using our mobile app and watch your video! We use augmented reality to overlay your video on top of your artwork, merging the digital and physical world. See how it works below.

Our aluminum is highly durable, it is 1/8" thick with a white coating on the back and comes with a 3-piece PVC Float Block attached to the back for easy hanging.

Soundwave Media Package:

Your Soundwave Art™ is active with our app and stored for five (5) years at the time of purchase. When it expires you can renew the media package for another five (5) years for the price of $24.99.

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$169.99 In stock
App Option Available:yes
Aluminum Size 12 x 18 (0) 16 x 24 (50) 20 x 30 (120) 24 x 36 (200)
Image size should be: 2000 px x 1600 px (0)
Upload your photo (High Resolution)
Upload your video (max 3 min)
Do you own the copyright for the image and video? I own the copyright for this image and video or I am authorized by the owner to make a reproduction (0)
Aluminum Photo Art with Soundwave Media™