Real Estate QR AR (yearly)

$99.99 per year
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Add augmented reality to your marketing material. Get two months free for the yearly subscription.

Please upload the image you will use on your marketing material and 1 video that will be played when your QR code/image is scanned. Within 14 hours (usually much quicker) we will send you the QR code that you will also include in your marketing material. This code will trigger the augmented reality experience so your image can be scanned.

You will be charged $99.99 a year and you can cancel anytime by visiting My Account

  • Unlimited scans
  • up to 3-minute video
  • Max video size of 200 MB
  • URL link (https only)
  • Click to call
  • Change video*
  • Cancel any time

*You can change your video once a month


The image you provide will determine how you should record your videos. For example, if you provide a photo that is wide then you should record your video in widescreen. If your photo is upright (portrait) then you should record your video in portrait mode.

IMPORTANT: Our app can only read images. It’s okay if there is some text within your image but it can’t be text only. Your image should also have some color contrast and be square or rectangular. A circular image can work but it is not the best option and we don’t recommend it.

View Video Example
Scan the QR code with your camera app, click ‘Soundwave Art’ then open, hover over the image displayed on your screen.
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