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Brand: Soundwave Art™

Digital Download Soundwave Art

  1. Choose your color (color options in product images)
  2. If you want a message printed under the soundwave
  3. Choose a font (font options in product images)
  4. Choose message location
  5. Upload 1 audio or video file (used to create your Soundwave Art)

You’ll receive your file within 14 hours but typically much, much quicker. We’ll send you a high-resolution PDF and JPG sized per your request.

There are no refunds on digital orders.


You’ll receive information on adding our app feature should you want to do so when we send you your digital files. Our app feature will need to be added AFTER you print your art. Our app is a subscription service, the cost to add it is $24.99 for a 5-year activation or $44.99 for 10-years. It can be renewed.

The time limit for our app feature is 3 minutes. You must own the copyright to the audio or video that you want to play.

You should print your art on a flat surface such as prints, canvas, or aluminum. You should choose colors that offer a good contrast between the Soundwave pattern and background. All dark or all light colors are not ideal. For example black and dark blue almost never work.

If we think that your design will not work with our app we will let you know. If you don’t plan on adding our app feature the colors you choose will not be an issue.

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