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Circle Photo with Soundwave – Aluminum

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Brand: Soundwave Art

Upload an image and an audio file, select either a white or black background and enter two lines of text. We’ll crop the image and convert the audio file into a soundwave pattern to create your art. Add our app feature to make your art playable with our Soundwave Art ™ mobile app. You can also upload a video if you would prefer to see a video instead of just listening to the audio. Our app uses augmented reality to overlay your video on top of the photo through your mobile device.

The image you upload should have some space around the main subject so that we can crop it properly. You’ll receive a proof for approval before we begin production.

  • ALUMINUM: Made by sandwiching a black, solid plastic core between two aluminum sheets, aluminum is a highly durable, warp-resistant mounting. Superb for large print sizes, MaxMetal is 1/8″ thick with a white coating on back. Comes with a 3-piece PVC Float Block attached to the back for easy hanging.

Soundwave Mobile App:

Add our app feature so you can play your art. Choose between 5 or 10-year activation. You can renew once it expires.

*Once you approve the final design production & shipping times average 6 – 10 business days

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