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Sprucing Up Your Yard for Spring

In many parts of the country, the weather is finally starting to warm up and people are beginning to venture outdoors. Fortunately, transforming your yard into a place that you’ll actually enjoy spending time in doesn’t have to cost a ton of time and money. Follow these easy, fast and inexpensive tips for sprucing up your yard.

Clean Up

As you’re tackling spring cleaning chores inside your home, don’t neglect the outside. Rake the twigs and leaves and pick up any debris that mysteriously accumulated. A garden hose provides a simple way to give furniture, sidewalks, siding, and decks a quick clean.

Feed and Seed

If your lawn is looking a little sparse after a harsh winter, consider sprinkling some feed for the soil, especially if you’re planning to plant a vegetable or flower garden. This is also a great time to lay some grass seed to thicken up your lawn.

Grab Some Paint

Over time, outdoor furniture fades, especially if it sits outside all through the winter months. Rather than replacing furniture that is in otherwise good condition, freshen it up with a fresh coat of paint. Vibrant colors look great outdoors, so don’t be afraid to select a more vivid hue than you would choose for your indoor space.

Get Rid of the Weeds

Even if you’re not ready to actually put plants in the ground yet, you can prepare your beds by getting rid of the weeds. Whether you pull them up by hand or find a weed killing spray to do the hard work for you, removing weeds is a simple way to boost your home’s curb appeal. This is also a great time to put down fresh mulch, which instantly creates a beautiful, cohesive foundation for your yard.

Prune Your Plants

Help your plants get ready for new growth in the new season by pruning them. Summer and fall flowering trees and shrubs should be pruned during their dormant season, which is early spring. Plants that flower in the spring should be pruned as soon as their flowers fade, which is generally the late spring and early summer. Pruning also gives you the opportunity to check for any damage that may have happened during the winter months, such as frosting.

Looking for a creative way to bring nature indoors? Wooden artwork instantly gives your space a more organic vibe, and with Soundwave Art™, it’s easier than ever to create a customized piece that is as meaningful as it is beautiful. We offer a variety of wood artwork to choose from, and because each piece is created from reclaimed or repurposed wood, it’s sure to be a one-of-a-kind. Read more about our wooden artwork or check out our online shop to browse our selections.

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