Sound Wave Art product guide

Sometimes images just aren’t enough to get a good feel for a product. We put together this video to help you decide which sound wave art product is best for you. Watch the entire video to view all of our products or use the navigation to go right to the soundwave you’re interested in. We’ll show you the product and discuss a few key points about each one to help you decide if you want one to hang on your wall, display one on your desk at work or even wear one of our pieces of jewelry!


When you are finished click the ‘what soundwave product is right for you’ button below to shop our products and view the prices. Once you select a product you will be able to record and design your very own! When you place an order we will begin working on your Soundwave. We’ll make sure it is sized properly to fit the height and width of your item. When the image is complete we will email you a proof for you to view and approve before we begin production. Want to start your own business creating sound wave art? Learn how.

Visit our store, select a product, record your message and see what your voice looks like!