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Tips For Planning a Winter Wedding

Planning a winter wedding can be a marvelous adventure. You have a chance to blend the holiday spirit into your special day, and truly have a memorable day that stands out from the classical ones. Spring and summer weddings have become mundane and standardized, but having a winter wedding will be a gorgeous twist to the wedding traditions and routines. If you are wondering how to organize a winter-styled wedding, here are a few nifty tips that will make your planning run smoothly.

Embrace the warm ensemble

Keeping in mind that weather in winter may be unpredictable, and even if you won’t exchange your vows outside, you might take pictures in the dazzling snowy background. Opt for long-sleeved wedding dress, or consider wearing a thick or woolen cape, a fabulous faux fur wrap, bolero or a jacket. You might want to wear an extra layer of tights plus winter boots to make your way through the snow. Velvet, burgundy, or plum color blazer mixed with black suits are trendy for the grooms.

Lavish yourself with winter accessories

Accessories play a vital role at any wedding. However, when you are planning a winter wedding you must adapt your accessories to your glowing, white look. On the MoonMagic site you can, for instance, find silver earrings and necklaces embellished with stunning gems that represent this season. Raw crystals like moonstone, aquamarine, or gorgeous rose quartz are a perfect choice for enhancing your wedding look. For head accessories, choose winter-inspired tiaras, diamond or winter-flowered crowns.

Choose an appropriate venue

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you have to compromise on glamor and sophistication. First, find a venue where you could hold the ceremony and reception. This way, your guests won’t have to travel back and forth on a cold winter’s day. Next, if you choose to hold a reception at a barn or marquee, check whether they provide suitable heating. It can get rather chilly during winter, and you don’t want your guests to freeze. If you wish to get married in a church, check whether you would need to decorate since during and after Christmas, churches are nicely embellished.

Opt for winter-inspired décor

You don’t need to go all-white with your winter wedding décor, but rather incorporate various colors. For a cozy and welcoming feel, burgundy, berry red, plum, and gold colors are great decoration choices. Add romance with the décor by placing big, white glittering candles, revive the venue with lush natural greeneries and winter flowers. Check if your venue has decoration, and if necessary, alter the décor by incorporating your own.

Allow extra travel time

Keep in mind that you and your guest may experience bad weather, therefore give them extra time to arrive at the ceremony. If it happens to snow or rain, people might get stuck in traffic, and in some severe occasions, not make it on time, or not at all. To stay calm and mindful, consider the fact that you and your guests may need more time for travel.

Keep your guests warm at all times

Another way to incorporate the winter feel into your wedding is to give your guests a warm welcome upon arrival. Give them hot drinks like mulled wine or hot cocoa for kids. Make an effort to keep your guests warm by ensuring that the venue is appropriately heated.

Choose riveting winter favors

Utilize this festive time of the year with jolly wintry wedding favors. Think mini bottles of Baileys, crackers, personalized candles, hand-knitted wool mittens, sparklers, or mulled wine spices. Your guest will go home with these cute wedding favors that will remind them of your wonderful winter wedding.

Go all in to this winter wonderland fantasy and hire carolers, arrive in lush carriages, embellish the venue with ice sculptures and play jolly tunes. Have a night to remember with these winter wedding tips.

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