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Wedding Colors – A More Hueful Affair

We all know weddings as a happy and colorful affair. With fall weddings being in full force, we can expect to see all kinds of colors being used such as mustard, orange and red. But what if there are ways that we can make our fall wedding an even more colorful affair? Read on to find both small and big ways to add even more color into your celebratory event.

Have Colorful Nails

While many brides opt for the simple nude manicure for the big day, why not go all out and sport a fun mani-look instead? This is a great way to add a subtle pop of color to your outfit without making too much of a statement. You can choose a color based on the wedding palette you’ve decided to go with or the flowers that are going to be included in the wedding. If you really want to make a statement, you can also add stamps to your nails with words such as, “Bride” or “I do!” However you decide to add more color into your nails, doing so is a fun way to add your personality into your wedding day look.

Dare to Sport a Different Colored Hairstyle

If you or your partner have never been afraid of going for an edgy look, use your wedding as the time to show off your alternative side and consider dying your hair for the wedding. Whether you want to dye your whole head purple or strands of your hair green, using a vibrant color conditioner to help you achieve whatever hair color you’re looking for! Doing so will be a stand-out addition to your wedding day look and serve as such a fun twist for both your guests and your wedding day photos.


Who says it’s all up to the bride to incorporate more color?! If you want the groom involved, have him skip the traditional black or blue tux and wear something more colorful instead. This can be with any color the two of you desire and if preferred, he can have his other groomsmen go in on it as well. Whether it be a light blue, red, grey, or even metallic, having the groom wear a colorful suit is a great way to make your wedding a stand-out event.


While many couples choose to have a white wedding cake for their big day, a fun way to add in more color into your wedding is through having a colorful cake instead. You can do this with having your cake be one single bright, bold color or by asking for a colorful design on your cake such as colored marble, a tie-dye cake or a cake adorned with colorful flowers. If you prefer to have a single color and don’t want to be overly bold with your wedding cake, you can choose something more subtle such as a lighter pink or blue instead. However much color you choose to add into your cake is just another simple way to add more color into your wedding.

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