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How To Take Better Nature Photos

With spring comes fresh air, new life and the perfect opportunity to head outdoors with your camera. Whether you’re new to photography or you’ve got some experience under your belt, Check out these tips to improve your outdoor photography skills so you can take better nature photos.

Make the Most of Your Surroundings

You don’t have to live in a remote location to find beautiful subjects of nature. In fact, the contrast that nature provides in an urban setting can yield fantastic results. In all likelihood, you’ll find plenty of things waiting to be photographed just minutes from your doorstep. Take advantage of the warmer weather and explore your own surroundings, keeping an eye out for the best nature-filled places close to home.

Balance Your Shots

Outdoor photography presents a set of challenges that are unique from a studio setting where you have a lot of control over creating balance. Returning from an outing with images that you’re happy with requires some extra attention to detail. Make sure your photos are balanced by carefully considering what you want to be included in the frame, and then find the best angle to ensure that the objects in the frame have equal visual weight.

Be Prepared

With photographs of wildlife, you generally have a very limited opportunity to get the perfect shot. Before you’re actually ready to photograph an area, study it, even if it’s an area that you think you’re very familiar with, like your own yard. Pay attention to how the sunlight hits differently at different times of the day or under different cloud conditions. Animals tend to have routines, so you can even note at what times of day you’re more likely to see birds, squirrels or deer.

If you’re going to a local park with your camera in tow, talk to a park employee to learn about what times of day you’re most likely to see different animals. Understanding the conditions that you’re working with and your subject matter can help you get the best shot.

Focus on the Foreground

It’s frustrating to find a beautiful landscape or atmospheric sky to photograph, only to get home and realize that what should have been a magical picture looks a little empty. Focusing on the foreground is the best way to add interest and balance to a photograph and make the image stand out.

For example, rather than simply focusing on a beautiful sunset, include some flowers or even a rock in the foreground. Capturing how the light falls on a foreground subject will make that beautiful sunset all the more captivating.

Creating Nature with the Soundwave Art™ App

With the Soundwave Art™ app, you can turn your photograph into art that you can watch. Simply upload your photo and a video that is three minutes long or less, and we’ll do the rest. When you scan your photo with the app, the video that you’ve linked to the image will play on top of the photo.

As the season is changing, capturing photos of nature is a great opportunity to get outdoors. Whether you’re shooting a landscape or wildlife, these tips can help you get better shots.

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