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How to Get Great Group Pictures this Holiday Season

For many people, the holiday season provides a great time to get some family pictures. After all, it may be the one time of year that everyone in the family is breathing the same air, and it would be a shame to let the opportunity slide. Here are a few tips for getting great pictures during the holiday season.

Getting Great Group Shots

Annual group shots are a fun way to chronicle how your family grows and changes from year to year. However, actually getting those pictures can be a chore. Most people complain about getting their picture taken, as they’ve typically been conditioned to hate both the process and the results. Resistance is probably unavoidable and patience is limited, so work quickly and be sure to take lots of photos. The more shots you’ve taken, the greater the chances are that you managed to get one where no one is yawning, grimacing, blinking, or trying to corral a bored toddler.

Be Prepared

If you are successful in convincing everyone to stand in the same general area and smile sweetly at the same general point in space, the last thing you want is to discover that your camera battery isn’t charged or you left your memory card on the kitchen counter 150 miles away. Check ahead of time to make sure that you’re prepared; ensure that your battery is fully charged, your memory card has plenty of available space, and, if you’re using an old-school film-based camera, that you have a few extra rolls on hand.

Knowing When to Use Flash

A general rule of thumb is that you should use your flash when you’re outdoors but turn it off when you’re indoors.

Your camera’s flash isn’t just for evening shots. Outdoors, even in bright sunlight, the flash can even out harsh lines and contrasts and fill in shadows. Indoors, however, it can leave you with pictures of ominously red-eyed subjects and a flat, harsh light that flatters no one. If you’re taking pictures indoors at night, do your best to make use of the lighting in the room.

Making Memories That Will Be Cherished for a Lifetime

Looking for a cool way to remember this holiday season with loved ones? Turn your photograph into wall art with Soundwave Art™. Simply upload your picture to our site along with the video that you’d like to have linked to the image. You’ll be able to enjoy your image on heavyweight canvas and archival inks or a high-quality aluminum panel. Using Soundwave Media technology, which uses augmented reality to overlay your video on top of your artwork, you’ll be able to scan your artwork and view your video.

This year, get the most from your photos and create artwork that will be cherished for a lifetime using Soundwave Media™.

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