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How a Voicemail Can Become a Heartfelt Memorial Gift

Losing a loved one is a profoundly painful experience, but their memories can bring solace in times of grief. A memorial gift provides a special way to remember your loved ones and keep their spirit alive. Whether it’s a beautiful piece of jewelry, a custom-made piece of art, or even a tattoo, memorial gifts can be a great way to keep your loved one’s memory alive.

By incorporating a voicemail into personalized keepsakes we can create tangible reminders of the love and cherished moments shared with the departed. In this way, voicemails become more than simple messages – they become precious tokens of remembrance that provide comfort and reassurance during our mourning journey.

Art – A Playable Memorial Gift

Voicemails can be transformed into beautiful pieces of artwork by taking the audio and converting it into visual form known as Soundwave Art. These unique pieces of art are not only beautiful and meaningful but they can also be playable. This innovative art form is a special way to remember a loved by displaying their voice pattern on your wall and when you want to hear that message, simply scan it with your phone. A special message hidden within your art. Whether you go with just the voice pattern as an abstract piece of art or you incorporate the pattern into a special photo, it’s a beautiful way to remember your loved one.


There are numerous creative ways to transform voicemails into lasting memorial gifts that can be cherished for years to come. One idea is to extract meaningful clips from your loved ones voicemail and have them engraved onto personalized jewelry such as necklaces or rings. This allows the wearer to carry a piece of their loved one with them always. The jewelry is not playable like the art is but it makes for a truly special piece. Personally I have a few rings, one with my Father’s voice and another with my dog barking.

Memorial gift

Tattoo – Forever With You

Soundwave tattoos have emerged as a remarkable way to preserve and honor cherished memories. Though the tattoos aren’t playable these unique tattoos serve as a lifelong reminder of love and connection. By transforming a voicemail into visual representations, soundwave tattoos allow individuals to immortalize the essence of their relationships. With every glance, these tattoos evoke a rush of emotions, fostering a sense of closeness and a powerful symbol of eternal love. Soundwave tattoos offer a lifetime of cherished memories, keeping the bond alive and thriving.

Voicemails hold a world of emotions, capturing the essence of a loved one’s voice and personality. They serve as a powerful reminder of their presence and provide comfort during times of grief. Listening to a voicemail from a departed loved one can bring a sense of solace, as it allows us to hear their familiar voice and relive cherished memories. The sound of their laughter or the gentle tone of their voice can provide a much-needed source of comfort during the healing process. Voicemails become a treasured gift that keeps the memory of our loved ones alive.

Creating a memorial gift is a very personal experience. It may take you months or even years to decide to do it. For me, it helped to create mine right away. Yes, it was difficult to listen to voicemails from my loved ones but over time it helped. I love having a ring around my finger that is always with me.

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