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Holiday Marketing – A Photographer’s Guide

The holiday season tends to be a peak time for professional photographers. Family gatherings mean that a lot of family members are in one place at one time, perhaps for the only time that year. For that reason, a lot of people book photo shoots. While that’s great news for photographers, competition for that business is fierce. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were roughly 132,100 professional photographers in 2018. If you were to include part-time freelance photographers who shoot as a side gig, that number would likely be much higher. No matter how seasoned you are, that’s a lot of competition!

If you’re a photographer, then hopefully you’ve put a lot of thought into your 2019 holiday marketing strategy. However, if you’re still catching your breath after a summer of shooting graduation photos and wedding after wedding, there’s still time to create a successful holiday marketing campaign. Check out our Photographer’s guide to holiday marketing.

Connect on Social Media

Social media platforms are a powerful way to connect with your audience and an even better way to create awareness for your holiday promotions. If you rarely post, slowly re-engage with your community by posting once a week and work up from there, depending on how your audience reacts to your posts. If you’re active on social media and post fresh content regularly, then consider adding a post or two to your weekly editorial calendar. Use these extra posts to showcase holiday promotions, and keep your other posts evergreen.

Some great post ideas include topics like how to dress for holiday photo, how much time to allot for a session and what time of day is best for outside sessions during the winter season.

Consider Adding Augmented Reality for a More Engaging Experience

In a sea of photographers, making your work stand out from the rest can be a big challenge. Turning your clients’ photos into a one-of-a-kind augmented reality experience is an innovative way to add value to your services. Using Soundwave Art’s augmented reality feature, you can create a video slideshow of the photos you took during the photo shoot. Your customer could then select their favorite photo and watch it come to life, right on their mobile device. The service is scalable and you only pay for what you actually need, making it a great option for photographers with all budgets.

Set Up an Email Marketing Campaign

Sure, email has fallen a little out of style as more people use social media and text messages to stay connected, but it’s still a great way to tell your followers about upcoming deals. Use this as an opportunity to tell your customers about discounts on mini-sessions, incentives for pre-booking appointments for next year, Black Friday or Small Business Saturday deals or a big one-day sale when sessions are provided for a deep discount. Newsletters should still play a part in your holiday marketing campaign.

Update Your Business Cards

If you have interactive business cards, updating the video or audio clip that you have linked to your cards is a fast, simple way to reconnect with customers and let them know about current promotions, packages and pricing.

The holiday season will come and go in the blink of an eye, but by taking a few extra minutes each day to work on your holiday marketing campaign, you can make it your best season of the year.

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