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Gifts for Creators – Holiday Shopping

Whether family, friends, or your secret crush, most of us have a creative soul or two in our circle. This holiday season, we aim to help you fill their stockings and lift their spirits with some out-of-the-box gift ideas — gifts for creators… standard fuzzy socks here!

Here, Let Me Get That…

For the creator, downtime can also be a much-needed but often overlooked essential. Offer to watch the kids, pets, or elderly that your creative has charge of. If you rock at organizing and cleaning, offer to help tidy up or deep clean their studio — just be careful not to move their favorite tools too far out of their reach or “redo” their chaotic piles.

Ducks in a Row

Speaking of organization… Many creative folks have a blind spot when it comes to keeping things, well, under control. Help them out by providing ways they can clear their spaces and reach their 2024 goals. How about a calendar for the new year, cabinetry for their supplies, or a cubby system to coral tools. Whether your creative is a hobbyist or makes a living from their art, these gifts for creators will enable them to keep their ducks in a row — or at least on the same pond.

Bundle Up, Baby!

gifts for creators

The temps are dipping, but the gift-giving is just heating up. Bundle a couple of different experiences for your creative loved one from Soundwave Art. Bundles could include a canvas clip of their favorite song coupled with a year-long subscription to Pandora or Spotify. Or, opt for a professional photoshoot with your nearest and dearest, then turn your favorite shot into an augmented reality puzzle. Gifts like these are unique, timeless, and most creatives appreciate the creativity of others.

Source Raw Materials

It’s likely you won’t know what (or where) to buy your artist’s most-needed supplies. It may also be likely that their raw materials are in short supply — or perhaps stuck in the supply chain chaos somewhere. Enlist some secret elves to eavesdrop on and chat up your recipient. Get a feel for what they need for their hobby or business and hunt down sources. Otherwise, opt for a prepaid credit card given with the strictest of rules that they’re to spend it on their hobby or creative business — and expect “proof of creating” photos forthcoming!

Get Down to Business

If your loved one is itching to break into the art world as a career or perhaps hustling in the side-gig arena, a boost up for their business may be the best holiday gift they’ve ever received. From helping them file for business licenses to footing the bill for business name registration, a little help goes a long way.

Also, with the help of Soundwave Art, artists can enhance what they already do, and other creatives can use the app and software to level up their logos and customer interactions. For gift-giving, plan a date with your creative, spend some time on the Soundwave Art site, and set up a fund for them to draw from as they start their new journey for 2024!

This year, think outside the box when looking for gifts for creators. No more fuzzy socks here!

Mike LaTour - Co-founder Mike LaTour  Soundwave Art
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I spent 17 years in the music industry and have always had a love of art. Combining music, sound, and art was a perfect fit.

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