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Getting Your Home Ready for Fall

The days may still be hot, but before long, the leaves will begin turning and the nights will grow longer. If you’re looking for ways to warm up your home for the fall season, you’ll want to check out our list of simple tips for getting your home ready for Fall.

Make Room for Outerwear

Get your entryway ready for cooler temperatures by making sure that you have a spot for jackets, scarves and boots. This is the room you and your guests will first see when you walk in the door, and by ensuring that you’ll have enough room for outerwear, you can make sure that it stays organized. If you don’t have much room to work with, consider adding some hooks to the back of your door or to an empty wall.

Create a Layered Look

Nothing warms up a space by adding a few layers. Give your living room a quick makeover by putting down a plush area rug, draping a couple cozy throws over the back of your sofa or getting new throw pillow covers. Incorporate some custom artwork that mirrors the colors of the season. These are small, simple changes that take very little time but will give your space a warm and inviting look.

Warm Up Your Retreat

If you’ve packed away your flannel sheets and cozy down comforter away for the summer, then it’s just about time to bring them back out. Get ready for cooler nights by ensuring that your warmer bedding is laundered, freshened and ready to be used. Clean and pack away lightweight cotton sheets and bedspreads, ensuring that they are stored somewhere where they will be protected from moths and other pests.

Rotate Your Garage

You probably rotate your closet when the seasons change, bringing out warm weather clothes and packing away the shorts, tank tops and bathing suits. If your garage is littered with beach toys and pool accessories, then you’ll need to spend some time out there too. Ensure that everything is cleaned and packed away properly, and then bring out the rakes, lawn and leaf bags and any other lawn care items so that they’ll be ready for use.

Spend a Little Time Outdoors

Cleaning out the weeds and annual flowers and plants may not be a fun job, but the sooner you take care of it, the better. Remove the dead plants after the first frost and before the soil is frozen, or cut the plants off at ground level and allow the roots to compost the soil. If you have outdoor furniture, you’ll also want to give them a little bit of love. Wash your cushions with a mild soap, then store them away in a dry place or invest in a cover. You can greatly prolong the life of your outdoor furniture simply by making sure that it stays clean and protected during the cooler months.

By following these five tips, you can ensure that you are ready for the changing season. Wanting to spruce up your décor for the fall? Soundwave Art offers custom pieces that can be personalized to suit any season or style. Check out our online shop to browse our selection of art, or click on the About tab to learn about our process.

Mike LaTour - Co-founder Mike LaTour  Soundwave Art
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I spent 17 years in the music industry and have always had a love of art. Combining music, sound, and art was a perfect fit.

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