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Displaying Your Photos – How To!

If you’re like many people, you probably have thousands of photos stored on your phone, computer or the cloud. Gone are the days where the average person would ration their film, passing on shots that seem mundane at the moment in favor of something that seems truly photo-worthy. Now, we take pictures freely, oftentimes going for quantity over quality, because why not?

That’s definitely not a bad thing, though; any photographer will tell you that sometimes it takes dozens of tries before you catch the right shot at the right angle, and quantity over quality is sometimes the only way to find a true gem. There is a downside, though. All those moments that you captured because you didn’t want to forget them – your sand-covered pup at the beach or your kindergarten-bound child outfitted in a bookbag twice her size – tend to get lost among the thousands of pictures that you take.

Because we no longer have to print our pictures to enjoy them, a lot of people tend to forget to have even a few of them printed, in spite of the fact that it can usually be done for mere pennies per picture. Obviously, you can’t print and frame every snapshot you’ve taken, but selecting a few that you love and displaying them is a great way to bring some joy to your space. Does that feel like a massive undertaking? Here’s how to get started when displaying your photos.

Create a Special Folder for Your Favorites

The easiest way to quickly locate your favorite images for printing is to be organized right from the beginning. As you’re transferring pictures from your phone to your computer, take a few extra minutes to look through your photos and put the images that really stand out to you in their own folder. The key here is to be as picky as possible. Set a limit of the number of pictures that you’ll put in your special folder, and stick to it. Then, when you’re ready to print some out, you’ll have some pre-screened pictures to choose from.

Pick a Theme

Choosing a theme for the photos that you want to print makes it easy to scroll through your countless pictures and quickly pick out the best contenders. You may pick a color theme for a cohesive look that’ll match your décor, or you may select a theme like nature, children or grandchildren, pets, sports or nature.

Choose Where to Display Your Pictures

Consider displaying photos that were taken in a certain room in your home. For example, if you have some shots that you love of your kids in the bathtub, the bathroom is a fantastic place to display them. The family room is a great place for lifestyle images, food photography will look right at home in your kitchen and personal photographs are well-suited for your bedroom.

Got a picture that you really love? Your favorite photo can be turned into a Soundwave! Record a special message, choose a background color and upload your photo, all right here. Then, we’ll take the soundwave pattern from your message and overlay that onto your image. You’ll get to enjoy a beautiful, memorable keepsake for years to come.

Mike LaTour - Co-founder Mike LaTour  Soundwave Art
2019 Finalist - Digital Innovation In Art Award

I spent 17 years in the music industry and have always had a love of art. Combining music, sound, and art was a perfect fit.

I’d like to thank you for visiting us and invite you to have a look around. Express your creativity and record a sentiment that will last for generations!