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How to Create a More Peaceful Bedroom

At the end of the day, you’re ready to retreat to a quiet, peaceful space to unwind and get a good night’s sleep. However, if you’re like many people, your bedroom isn’t relaxing, whether that’s because it has served as a catch-all for the clutter that you don’t want in the rest of your house, it’s décor isn’t conducive to relaxation, or it doubles as a home office.

A bedroom makeover doesn’t require a huge overhaul; there are a few things you can do to quickly improve your bedroom. Follow these tips for designing a bedroom for a better night’s sleep.

Think About Your Mattress

There are plenty of places to skimp on price when you’re giving your bedroom a makeover, but your mattress isn’t one of those places. If you’re sleeping on a 20-year-old mattress, then it’s no wonder your sleep quality is suffering. According to The Better Sleep Council, a mattress should be replaced after about seven years of use. Of course, how long your mattress lasts depends on factors like the quality of the materials it’s constructed from and how often you rotate it. However, if you’re waking up with stiffness, numbness, or aches and pains, your mattress has visible signs of wear, or you’re tired even after a full night of sleep, then it’s probably time for an upgrade. Fortunately, a good mattress doesn’t have to cost thousands of dollars. Today, there is an abundance of boxed mattress companies that can deliver a new high-quality mattress right to your doorstep.

Get Rid of Bright Lights

Light is one of the most significant factors that affect sleep quality. Not only can light make it difficult to fall asleep, but even once we’re asleep, the presence of light messes with our internal clocks and makes it difficult to stay asleep or achieve deep, restorative sleep. Invest in some good black-out curtains or shades, cover your alarm clock or switch to an old-school open-faced alarm clock, and put your phone away to cut down on the light in your bedroom.

Get Rid of Clutter

Is your bedroom the landing spot for paper clutter, clothes that need to be folded and put away, or anything else you’ve deemed unfit for another room of your house? If so, then it’s time to declutter. Clutter can actually cause us to feel anxious, which definitively doesn’t create an atmosphere for a good night’s sleep. Gather up everything that doesn’t belong in the room and get it out, and invest in some out-of-sight storage solutions for the stuff that needs to stay.

Use Soothing Colors

Vibrant, bright colors can be fun, but they don’t belong in the bedroom. However, that doesn’t mean that your walls and decor need to be bland and boring. Instead, go with calm, soothing colors; think grays, muted blues, and pastels. With customizable art, you can choose the color scheme that will best fit the mood you’re trying to set in your room while still showing off your style and personality.

Creating a more peaceful bedroom can make all the difference when it comes to sleep quality. By following these tips to design your room around comfort and relaxation, you can soon start enjoying better sleep.

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