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Choosing a Color Scheme for Your Wedding – 5 tips

As you’re planning your wedding, you’ll have a ton of decisions to make. If you haven’t finalized your wedding’s color scheme or overall look, it’s really hard to move forward with other decisions. Here are a few tips to guide you in choosing your wedding color scheme, as well as a bonus tip for making your wedding invitations stand out.

Choose What Makes You Happy

Your wedding is about you and your partner, so be sure that you make it a meaningful celebration that both of you will love. If there is a color or theme that you’re partial to, don’t be afraid to use it, even if it’s a little untraditional. Your personal taste should be the foundation that every other detail builds on, and once you establish that foundation, the decisions that follow will be a lot easier to make.

Consider the Venue

Your venue can serve as an excellent source of inspiration. It sets the tone and the overall aesthetic, and your wedding décor should align with the venue’s atmosphere. For example, if your venue is modern, consider incorporating a lot of pastels and neutral colors in your scheme. If it’s an outdoor wedding where you’ll enjoy a lot of natural light, embrace bright, bold colors.

Choose More than Two Colors

Want to make sure your wedding doesn’t look like your high school prom? Instead of choosing two colors for wedding décor and sticking with those two colors for every single thing, consider incorporating multiple colors. Choosing three dominant colors and four or five accent colors creates a sophisticated, multi-dimensional look.

Forget the Season

Don’t like the obvious seasonal colors for your wedding? Don’t be afraid to let go of the obvious color combinations in favor of whatever feels like a more natural choice for you and your partner. While summer weddings often have light, airy colors, if that doesn’t fit your style, feel free to go a different route.

Stay Away from Trends

Trends can be fun, and if you want to incorporate a few into your big day, then go for it. However, just because a trend is enjoying its day in the sun (think balloon walls and photo booths) doesn’t mean that you need to follow it. In fact, the trendier your wedding is, the sooner you’ll date yourself. Consider sticking with a classic look.

Bonus Tip: Set the Scene with the Soundwave Art™ App

As you’re planning your wedding, don’t forget about the wedding invitations. The invitations you choose provide a snapshot of your wedding, reflecting the scheme, the level of formality and the overall mood that you’re creating for your big day. Consider giving your wedding invitations a personal touch with the Soundwave Art™ app. Using the app, you can link a video or audio file to your invitation. Tell the story of your relationship, describe the proposal or simply personally invite the recipient to share your special day. To view or listen to the clip, the recipient scans the invitation with the free app. Upload your wedding invitation and begin the process.

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