Wedding Anniversary

Wedding Anniversary – 5 ways to celebrate

No matter how many years you and your partner have been together, the same two questions seem to pop up every year: “What should we do?” and “Are we exchanging gifts?” If you’re looking for something more than a quiet evening at home or a dinner out, then it’s time to get creative and think …


Honoring Veterans

Honoring Veterans – Simple Ways to Honor Veterans

Honoring the Veterans in Your Life Veterans Day, which is observed on November 11, provides a wonderful opportunity to honor those who’ve served in the armed forces. There are many ways to recognize and celebrate those in your community who have served in the military. Here are a few ideas. 6 Ways to Show Your …


College Visit

College Visit Checklist – 5 Things to Put On Your List

Winter is finally beginning to melt away and telltale signs of spring are in the air. For many families, weekends this season will be spent touring different college and university campuses with their soon-to-be high school graduates. While setting foot on campus is exciting, it can be a little intimidating, especially if you and your …


Winter wedding

Tips For Planning a Winter Wedding

Planning an off-season wedding can be a marvelous adventure. You have a chance to utterly indulge in sensational winter delights, blend in the holiday spirit into your special day, and truly have a memorable day that stands out from the classical one.