Ocean Sounds

Ocean Sounds: Under the Waves

The entirety of the ocean makes up for just over 70% of the planet’s surface. It’s been that way for as long as humans have been on the Earth.  And despite all the time we’ve had to explore and gather data on it, we still know very little about the ocean. Specifically, we don’t know …


Why you like the music you like

The Science Behind Why You Like the Music You Like

Why Do You Like the Music You Like? Think about the music you’ve heard, including the songs you love and, just as interestingly, the songs that you hate. Have you ever wondered why some songs resonate with you? While science can’t give us a completely satisfactory answer to that question just yet, we’re learning more …


buy a record player

Why You Should Buy a Record Player

A few reasons why you should add a record player to your entertainment system, as well as a few records that everyone should have in their collection, in my opinion anyway.