Halloween party

Halloween party – Simple tips

Halloween is a time for some spooky fun! If you’re looking to throw a Halloween party, here are some easy tips to make it happen. Choose A Theme Start by coming up with a theme. A Halloween party is more fun when there’s a cohesive theme tying everything together. Whether it’s a classic haunted house …



Macrame: The Comeback Of An Art Form

This once popular art form was used in the 1970s to create beautiful wall hangings, plant hangers, and other home decor items. Today, macrame is enjoying a resurgence in popularity as people are rediscovering the beauty and simplicity of this craft. Keep reading if you’d like to learn more and maybe even get started creating …


Cabin Fever

Cabin Fever – 5 Ways to Beat It

If you’re feeling unmotivated, lethargic or on edge, then you’re probably dealing with cabin fever. Check out our list of fresh ideas to help you and your family get through the rest of the season with your sanity intact.


Getting Your Garage Ready for Winter

As the weather is cooling and you’re moving your outdoor furniture and decorations indoors in preparation for the winter months, there’s one more fairly large belonging that you might want to consider keeping protected from the elements: your vehicle.

Perfect Music Room

Designing Your Perfect Music Room

If you’re a music enthusiast and you’re fortunate enough to have a space in your home that you can dedicate to your passion, taking the time to carefully plan your music room can help you get the most from your space.