Artistic Procrastination

Artistic Procrastination – HOW TO CONTROL IT

For some of us, nothing gets a house cleaner, the landscape tidier and the garage reorganized faster than an artistic deadline. Despite knowing in our bones that art and our business are our passions, some of us will do almost anything to avoid starting or finishing a project. Artistic procrastination can strike the best of …


Business Mindset

Business Mindset – Tips For Creatives

The business side of any endeavor can send chills down the spine of the most talented artist or creator. You long to be “in the zone,” just you and your art, but you also need to eat. Or recoup the money spent on supplies or tools. Spreadsheets, taxes, and marketing content? Not so much. With …


What's Your Passion

What’s Your Passion? The Day Job Vs. The Passion Gig.

Colliding Worlds Since the dawn of the internet and the always-on, always-connected society, the term “work-life balance” has become quite the buzzword. Just run a Google search and you’ll find thousands of articles and studies. Some claim this elusive balance is achievable with the right collection of calendars, personal life coaches, and morning attributions. Still …



6 Smart Ways to Handle MONEY

Suddenly have some extra money in the bank? Before heading to your nearest department store for some retail therapy, it may be a good idea to consider how a mini-windfall of unexpected income can be used to benefit you long term. 6 Money-Smart Ways to Spend $1,000 Take Care of the Necessities This may be …


build business relationships

build business relationships as a Photographer

Building Businesses Relationships with Local Vendors As a professional photographer, staying in business depends on your ability to reach more of your ideal clients. While there are plenty of things you can do to drum up some business on your own, there’s another easy way to connect with your market: build business relationships with local vendors who serve …