Digital Painting

Digital Painting – How to Get Started

Exploring Digital Painting Technology has revolutionized virtually every area of our lives, including how we create art. While digital painting isn’t necessarily a new concept, its accessibility and the fun creative options it provides inspires a lot of new and experienced artists to jump on the bandwagon. What Is Digital Painting Digital painting is the …

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Support Your Local Arts Community

How to Support Your Local Arts Community

Supporting Your Local Arts Community (Without Spending a Fortune) Communities are defined by their art, and local artists play vital roles in their cities, no matter how big or small that city is. Whether they are writers, storytellers, musicians or visual artists, they help their communities thrive, bringing cultural diversity and fresh perspectives that we …

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How to Get Started With Sketching

Creating art comes with a host of benefits, boosting everything from your mood and memory to your communication skills and ability to be creative in other areas of your life. For some, the idea of investing in a hobby that may not hold their interest for more than a few weeks is hard to get around. …

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Handling Criticism

Handling Criticism as an Artist: How to

Whether you’re an artist by profession or art is a hobby, perhaps the most difficult aspect of creating art has nothing to do with figuring out how to get your art noticed but how to handle it when your art does get noticed – and is openly criticized.

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artistic towns

Artistic Towns Across The Country

Art plays a vital role in culture & our communities. It can be a powerful vehicle for generating positive change. Check out these 4 artistic towns.