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Insure your art collection

Do You Need to Insure Your Art Collection?

If you’ve put a lot of time, energy, and research into building your own collection of original art and you’ve been fortunate enough to score some high-value pieces, then you may want to insure your art collection. Theft, vandalism, fires or even a burst pipe can ruin your art collection in the blink of an eye. While …


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build business relationships

build business relationships as a Photographer

Building Businesses Relationships with Local Vendors As a professional photographer, staying in business depends on your ability to reach more of your ideal clients. While there are plenty of things you can do to drum up some business on your own, there’s another easy way to connect with your market: build business relationships with local vendors who serve …


Honoring Veterans

Honoring Veterans – Simple Ways to Honor Veterans

Honoring the Veterans in Your Life Veterans Day, which is observed on November 11, provides a wonderful opportunity to honor those who’ve served in the armed forces. There are many ways to recognize and celebrate those in your community who have served in the military. Here are a few ideas. 6 Ways to Show Your …


Best Video Marketing Practices

Best Video Marketing Practices to follow

5 Best Practices for Video Marketing If you’re looking for a fresh way to advertise your business, promote an event or launch a new product or service, video marketing is an engaging way to reach your customers. By turning your logo into an augmented reality marketing tool with the Soundwave Art App, it’s easy to keep …


Booking Gigs – A Budding Musician’s Guide

How to Book Gigs as a New Band Booking gigs and concerts can feel like a hard game to master, especially when you’re competing against musicians and bands that already have good relationships with your coveted venues. The fact is that there is a very limited number of performances available, and getting the spot as …