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Artistic Towns Across The Country

Art plays a vital role in culture; not only are communities defined by their artistic contributions, but art can be a powerful vehicle for generating positive change. Historically, public art has been used to address violence and social injustice and celebrate ethnic diversity. While funding for visual and performance-based art programs across the nation have seen budget cuts, public art continues to thrive.

Here are a few of the most artistic towns across the country.

Hudson Valley, New York

Hudson Valley, which is comprised of towns like Bedford, Hopewell Junction and Accord, has the same type of art culture as New York City but with a more laidback lifestyle. As a result, many young artists are migrating here from the big city.

The attraction you don’t want to miss:

The Wassaic Project is an arts organization that works out of refurbished historic buildings. It hosts numerous festivals and exhibitions, most of which are free and open to the public.

Marfa, Texas

This town of fewer than 2,000 residents covers just over 1.5 square miles and boasts a single stoplight, but it’s a major center for minimalist art. In recent decades, it’s become a popular point of destination, with tourists coming to see its beautiful historic architecture, its classic town square, the artisan shops, modern art installments and art galleries.

The attraction you don’t want to miss:

The Chinati Foundation is a contemporary art museum that was founded by artist Donald Judd with the goal of making art accessible to the public. It hosts a variety of programs throughout the year, including performances, lectures and exhibition openings.

New Orleans, Louisiana

With annual traditions like Draw-a-thon and the Arts for Arts Sake festival, it’s no surprise that New Orleans is an artistic town and has a thriving art scene that draws tens of thousands of visitors annually. While the city has had more than its share of hardships, it also has a long history of using art as a form of resilience. As one person said, “So much of living in New Orleans after the storm was critical thinking and problem-solving, and that’s how you make art.”

The attraction you don’t want to miss:

The Piety Street Market features sprawling displays of work from local designers, jewelers, vintage collectors and artists.

Detroit, Michigan

Detroit is one of the most affordable cities to live in, making it a prime choice for budding artists. The city also receives funding earmarked for developing arts projects and fellowships and as a result, has a growing art scene with talented artists looking for their big break.

The attraction you don’t want to miss:

The MBAD African Bead Museum, located on Grand River Avenue, features rotating exhibits of African materials culture, including beads and artifacts as well as works from local artists.

If you’re fortunate enough to live in or near one of these artistic towns or you’ll be passing through this coming spring or summer, consider stopping by a public art display for a unique cultural experience.

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