Soundwave Art™

Our Story

Art & Jewelry Created From Sound

Soundwave-foundersWe offer the unique experience of converting your own sounds into customizable works of art and jewelry. The company was founded soon after this crazy idea one of us had. “What would it look like if I recorded my voice and we turned it into a piece of art?” With 17 years in the music industry, A love of art, some website knowledge and an innovative idea, we set out on our journey. With an intuitively fun process all done through the website, our dream quickly became a reality. Our user-generated model allows you to create art that is as simple or as complex as you desire. When you take your own sound wave and add a variety of colors and sizes, the possibilities become endless.


After perfecting our original concept of creating art from sound, we soon realized that custom jewelry would be a perfect addition. Over the years, we’ve expanded our jewelry line offering rings and pendants, available in different styles and metals. Now offering Acrylic, Canvas, Prints, Wood, and Jewelry – making your piece affordable on any budget.


The public response to Soundwave Art™ has been overwhelmingly positive. “[It’s] totally amazing,” said Lindsay Roberts, founder of the popular website The Gift Insider. From baby heartbeats to wedding vows, our customers are constantly wowing us with their imaginations.   The future of Soundwave Art™ is looking bright, with many ideas on the horizon. Keep checking our website to stay up to date on our fun and ever evolving endeavor. In the meantime, feel free to look around and discover the charm of turning your voice into a one-of-a-kind piece of art or jewelry.

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