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7 Unique Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day

The classic dinner-and-a-movie combo is a classic for a reason: all the work (cooking, cleanup and entertainment) is done for you; you just have to show up. Let’s face it, though. That can get a little boring after a while. As hordes of starry-eyed lovers all flock to the restaurants this Valentine’s Day, consider beating the crowds and trying something a little less traditional.

Need a little bit of inspiration? We’ve rounded up seven unconventional Valentine’s Day date ideas to get you thinking in the right direction.

An Evening under the Stars

If you’re fortunate enough to live in a state where February’s temperatures aren’t enough to give you frostbite, consider packing up the camping gear (and maybe a space heater) and spending the evening communing with nature. Pack a picnic with easy-to-prepare foods and a surprise bottle of champagne, round up a few board games and enjoy a romantic night under the stars.

Take a Class Together

Pottery classes and painting classes are really popular right now, and your city probably offers a few different venues where you and your beloved can learn a new hobby. Not only can you reenact the classic scene from Ghost, but you’ll have a handmade memento to remember the evening by. Everyone wins!

Adopt a Pet

Ready to make a big commitment? No, not marriage; pet adoption! Visit your local shelter or animal rescue to find the perfect furry friend that will fit your lifestyle. Really, is there a better way to celebrate a day set aside for acts of love?

Tackle a Project Together

Maybe you have a big project that’s been hanging over your head, or maybe there’s a piece of furniture that Pinterest has inspired you to reupholster. If you have a house project that you’ve been putting off, do it together. You and your partner will spend some time together without the distraction of television and other electronics, and you’ll also be improving your living space.

Get a Tattoo or Piercing

Perhaps an evening under the stars or turning a pallet into a seven-piece dining set isn’t edgy enough for you and your daring darling. If that’s the case, go get a piercing or tattoo together. Even if your new body alterations don’t match, you’ll have someone holding your hand throughout the appointment.

Spend the Evening with Friends

Host a small get-together with a group of friends. Prepare a meal, ask everyone to bring a dish or have it catered, and then pick out a few group games. Just remember that if you’re inviting a mix of singles and couples, you should try to invite an equal number of men and women so that no one feels like a third wheel.

Play Tourist in Your Town

When we go on a vacation, we make an effort to fully experience the area by seeking out popular destinations and locally owned diamond-in-the-rough eateries. But for some reason, we rarely take advantage of the amenities that are all around us. This Valentine’s Day, play tourist in your own town. Explore your downtown region, visit a local museum or check out a year-round botanical garden.

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