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6 Thanksgiving Traditions You Should Consider

We’re rapidly approaching the holiday season. Perhaps more than any other time of year, the upcoming months are filled to the brim with memorable traditions, whether they’re family, neighborhood, community or even national traditions. You probably already have your own Thanksgiving traditions, but sometimes you have to try something new. Maybe you can’t make it home for the holidays this year, or maybe you’re currently in the middle of establishing your own family and your own holiday traditions. Or maybe you just feeling like kicking it up a notch this year.

Whether this is your first year hosting Thanksgiving or your fiftieth, you’re sure to want to steal at least a couple of these ideas.

A Delicious Breakfast

Alright, so you’re already gearing up for a day of overindulgence, why not start a little sooner? Make the day feel special right from the start by enjoying a laid-back, festive breakfast. Leave the cold cereal in the pantry and whip up some pancakes, French toast or a breakfast casserole. If you’re feeling particularly daring, you could completely ignore your sensibilities altogether and just eat a slice of pie.

Take a Few Minutes to Remember Loved Ones

The holidays are generally joyous occasions, but for families that have suffered loss, they can feel particularly bittersweet. If you have a beloved friend or family member that will be missing from this year’s gathering, take a few minutes to remember them.

Get the Whole Family Involved

If your Thanksgiving is typically a one-person show, then this might be a welcome change of pace. Whether you’re having a large get-together with extended family, or a small, intimate gathering with only your immediate family, everyone can pitch in to make it memorable (not to mention less stressful). Other adults can prepare dishes, and children can take part in setting the table, helping serve dessert and cleaning up.

Embrace the Simplicity of Small Gatherings

Maybe your table will be full at Thanksgiving, or maybe it’ll be just you and your significant other. Or even just you. Rather than getting caught up in the “ideal” of a holiday surrounded by extended family and longtime friends, choose to embrace your own reality. Don’t skimp on the meal simply because it won’t be consumed by a crowd; go ahead and prepare a traditional Thanksgiving meal. The fact that you’re preparing food for just one or two people likely means that you’ll be able to treat yourself to finer ingredients than what you’d normally eat.

Get Outside

If your Thanksgivings are generally spent camped out in front of the television, then consider changing things up a little this year and heading outside. Whether you visit a local park or just take a stroll through your own neighborhood, you’ll enjoy taking in the crisp weather and the season’s beautiful colors. Besides, how often do you get to take a walk in the middle of the day?

Connect with Far-Away Family and Friends

Technology is a wonderful thing, isn’t it? Even if you’re not able to spend Thanksgiving with your loved ones in person, you can still connect with them by using the video chat feature on your mobile device or personal computer.

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