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5 Non-Traditional Items to Include on Your Wedding Registry

Planning your wedding comes with plenty of decisions. One place where you and your fiancé will have to make decisions that regard not only to your wedding, but to your newlywed life is when creating your wedding registry. For a task when the possibilities of what you can add are endless and there are plenty of people offering opinions on what they would add, how do you know exactly what you should include?

Only you know the answer to that, but here’s some advice: be true to yourselves as a couple and don’t be afraid to be unique. With that in mind, here are some non-traditional items you can include on your registry.


While you may not be the most experienced or professional person in the kitchen, yet, that can all change. Registering for local cooking classes allows you and your new spouse to learn some culinary skill. As a bonus, this is a fun post-wedding date night activity that’ll allow you to spend time together.


While art is something that many people add to their registry, including a Soundwave Art™ Photo is truly unique. Not only is it personal to the couple, but it also marks the occasion of your wedding in a heartfelt manner. You know that whoever chooses to buy this will be someone close to you and who wants to help you remember your big day in a special way.


Historically, asking for money outright on your registry was a taboo. But now with so many options for wedding registry cash funds, it’s almost normal. They can be used toward your honeymoon, the purchase of a new home, or even experiences you want to have together. Honestly, it’s totally up to you! One great idea is to include a photo of what you’re using the money on and include it in your thank you notes so your guests can see what they contributed toward.


Let’s be honest, there’s a really good chance that you’re still using a lot of your furniture from your college days. And while that’s totally fine, your wedding registry offers a great chance to upgrade. Instead of a couch that has likely seen better days, let people see the married and adult you with new living room seating. And if your end tables have the ring stains from college parties past, it’s time to replace those too and throw in some coasters for good measure.


These have been very popular in recent years and provide a fun opportunity for you and your spouse. You can compare your family’s roots and even create a family tree to display in your home. Plus, you can register for a version that includes data about your health to let you know what you’re most at risk for. Your vows do say ‘in sickness and in health’ for a reason, this will allow you to have a good idea of what you should keep an eye on.

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