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4 Tips for Helping Your Child Move to College

Everyone warns you that it’ll happen: you blinked, and suddenly your kid is heading off to college. Whether your child is going to a school nearby or they’re heading across the country, helping them move to college can be a logistical challenge. Here are a few last-minute tips for helping your college student move and settle into their home away from home.

Go Light on Packing Personal Items

If your student is moving into a dorm room that they’ll share with one or two other students, then they’ll want to take extra care to make sure that they don’t pack too many personal items. While the temptation may be to bring as much of “home” as possible, space will be at a premium, and no one wants to be the person whose stuff takes over the room. Consider packing only the necessities, remembering that additional items can be shipped or taken back after fall break.

Think About the Climate

If your child is going to college locally, then ensuring that they have appropriate clothing for the climate is simple. If they’re heading out of state, though, make sure that you know what kind of weather to expect in the upcoming months. The weather is something that we don’t generally spend a ton of time thinking about, and we tend to take it for granted that our closets contain everything we’re likely to need.

Sure, it seems like a no-brainer that some states will have chilly weather before the first leaf falls while others stay balmy year-round. However, every year, there’s inevitably a large number of students who experience a rude awakening when they go from never even owning a winter coat to having to walk to class in 35-degree weather without proper outerwear. Make sure your student is prepared for the changing seasons.

Incorporate a Few Homey Touches

While it isn’t realistic for your student to take their sizable bobblehead collection, that doesn’t mean that they can’t incorporate a few homey touches to give their space personality. The key is to think vertically, using wall space instead of floor space (which, once again, will be at a premium). Soundwave Art offers a full array of customizable and pre-made soundwaves, which are perfect for adding a unique touch to your child’s dorm room. Create your own with a sentimental message or encouragement, or pick from one of our pre-made music soundwaves.

Have a Good Organizational System

Especially if your child will be sharing a dorm room, a good organizational system is a must. They may or may not have their own desk or closet, and you’ll want to make sure that they have sturdy storage bins to organize clothing, shoes, and accessories. If space allows, they should also have a shelf system for storing textbooks and school supplies.

Sending your child off to college can feel like a daunting undertaking, but by following these few tips, you can help their transition go as smoothly as possible.

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