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4 Reasons Why You Should Go Mirrorless for Your Photography Hobby

While photography with smartphones are convenient and accessible thanks to their built-in cameras, digital cameras remain on top with their superior image quality and low-light performance. In fact, the global digital camera market was valued at $8.24 billion in 2022, with the rise in mirrorless cameras being a key driver for this growth. Thanks to continuous advancements in their portability, image resolution, and autofocus systems, mirrorless cameras are even gaining ground over DSLRs.

This means you don’t necessarily need a more high-end DSLR if you want to go beyond smartphone quality and capture photos with intricate details and vibrant colors. As this article will show you, there are numerous reasons why going mirrorless is the best option if you pursue photography as a hobby.

1. Lightweight and easy to use

Aside from being on the more expensive side, DSLRs are known for being bulky and heavy. In contrast, the main selling point of mirrorless cameras is their lighter body weight and portability. For instance, one of the newest mirrorless models from manufacturer Olympus is the OM-D E-M10 Mark IV, with its size being comparable to a standard water bottle even when paired with a compact zoom or standard prime lens. Compared to previous models, it also has an improved, more ergonomic grip, allowing you to bring it everywhere and capture all scenes from everyday life to special occasions.

2. Hybrid photo and video capabilities

Even if you intend to use it for still images, a mirrorless system helps you unleash your full creative potential by allowing you to shoot videos as well. This is why the best mirrorless cameras on Adorama typically come with hybrid photo and video capabilities. The Canon EOS R100 model, in particular, can shoot high-definition 4K videos with the help of its 24.1-megapixel camera. When paired with the exclusive Canon RF lenses, you can even take videos with blurred backgrounds or in low-light settings, as well as play around with cinematic videography techniques to truly get the best of both worlds.

3. Suitable for silent shooting

Due to their increasingly sophisticated camera sensors, mirrorless systems have a silent mode to mute shutter sounds even if you take several pictures in a row. This makes shooting with mirrorless convenient in events/locations like weddings, recitals, or concerts where noise is prohibited. Moreover, mirrorless cameras are suitable for outdoor shoots when you’re taking nature photos, as the slightest sound or movement can startle animals. However, there are other settings that you may need to compromise in silent shooting mode, such as the burst speed and long exposure for most Sony mirrorless models.

4. AI-powered autofocus systems

Lastly, the latest mirrorless cameras now have autofocus systems powered by artificial intelligence (AI). You may struggle with keeping the camera focused on the subject as you’re still learning photography, but this AI-based feature uses machine learning and deep neural networks to automatically pick out different subjects from their backgrounds. To illustrate, the latest full-frame A7R V from Sony is designed to shoot portraits with its AI processing unit that can detect not just human faces and poses, but also subjects like animals, cars, trains, and insects. It shoots at the same speed and high resolution as before, thus completely changing the game for various fields of photography like street, sports, and wildlife.

The joys and creativity of photography shouldn’t begin and end with taking detailed and high-resolution photos. Once you’re done making the most out of your mirrorless camera, you can innovate by turning your images into playable artwork using the Soundwave Art app. You can even customize these designs and media for special occasions like birthdays, weddings, and more!

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