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4 Reasons to Shop Local This Holiday Season

Don’t feel like muscling your way through the Black Friday crowds this year? Skip the 3 a.m. lines and shop local on Small Business Saturday instead!

Small Business Saturday, which is a registered trademark of American Express corporation, will be observed for the seventh year in a row this year. It was started as a counterpart to Black Friday and Cyber Monday to raise awareness of the benefits of shopping locally, not just for the businesses themselves but for the entire community. Small Business Saturday is held on the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

Here are a few of the biggest reason to shop from the small businesses in your community, and not just during the holiday season.

Shop Local, Shop Unique

Wondering what to buy for the person who has everything? Well, if you visit a local shop, then you’re far more likely to find a unique gift for that hard-to-buy-for loved one. Rather than purchasing a mass-produced gift from a national chain store, purchase a locally made gift from an independent retailer. From locally made jewelry and clothing to artisan specialty foods and beverages, you’re sure to find a great gift.

It Keeps Your Community Diverse

Want to prevent your community from being overrun by big box stores and strip malls? Keep taking your business to their competition! Those small mom-and-pop diners and specialty boutiques depend on their fellow community members to help them stay afloat. By continuing to shop local retailers, you can help your community maintain its diversity and preserve its heritage.

Your Tax Dollars Stay in Your Community

For every dollar that you spend at a national chain store, only 14 cents go back into your local economy. On the other hand, for every dollar spent at a locally owned and operated store, 48 cents go back into the community. By shopping locally and keeping your tax dollars close to home, you can help support local schools, public services, and charitable endeavors.

Your Business Makes a Bigger Impact than You Think

You don’t have to swear off your favorite national retailer to make a difference in your community; every dollar you spend at a local business has a ripple effect. Small businesses tend to utilize the services of other small, local businesses, such as printing services, artisans, marketers, designers, and more. Additionally, locally owned businesses bring a lot of job opportunities to the community. Shopping locally allows you to have a profound impact on your local economy.

Are you a business owner who wants to tell your customers about your upcoming sales and specials? If you have an interactive business card, then that’s easy. Just upload a video file that showcases special promotions, a commercial, or any other video content that you want displayed when your business card is scanned. Link it to your website, your social media page, or even your phone or email.

Don’t have an interactive card? Upload your business card image to use Soundwave Media to offer these interactive features to your customers.

This year, forget about fighting the crowds and check out your local small businesses instead. Not only is this a great way to find unique gifts for your loved ones, but it’s also a great way to support the community that you call home.

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