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Checking Off Your Gift-Giving List: 4 Creative Gift Ideas

The holidays are right around the corner, and now’s the time to find the perfect gifts for the ones you love the most.

Some people seem to have some kind of superpower that enables them to always give thoughtful, one-of-a-kind gifts. They greet each birthday and holiday with open arms, ready to let their generosity and creativity lead them to just the right present for each person on their list.

Then there’s the rest of us. We try; oh, how we try. We scour social media sites looking for simple tutorials for charmingly rustic homemade gifts. When we remember that we don’t possess the gift-giving superpower or the elusive DIY superpower, we move on to more practical gifts (“I noticed last week that the knees on your blue jeans were wearing thin. Here’s some new blue jeans. Merry Christmas.”) Practical gifts are nice, but how many consecutive years can you get away with buying your dad a sweatshirt before someone says something?

This year, you can be that champion gift-giver! You can literally make people think you’re creative. Keep reading for some creative gift ideas for everyone on your list, from your eclectic aunt that already owns one of everything to the tween whose interests lie somewhere between dolls and…whatever it is that bigger kids like.

Subscription Boxes

People love subscription boxes; they’re the gift that keeps on giving. Subscription boxes make awesome gifts for a couple reasons. First of all, choosing a good one only requires a vague understanding of your giftee’s interests. Do they like jewelry? Makeup? Socks? Gadgets? Cheese? You’ll find subscription boxes for all of those. If you’re still stumped, just get them a snack box. Everyone loves food. Second, subscription boxes can suit just about any budget. Get an upscale box or prepay for an entire year of goodies, or order a 1-3 month subscription if your budget is tighter. If you’re super-thrifty, you may even be able to score a free month, letting your buck stretch a little further.

Charitable Donations

Alright, so this probably sounds like a cop-out, but hear me out. I used to think that these gifts were a terrible idea. Before you say it….no, I don’t mean giving to charity is a terrible idea, charities are great and I love giving when I can. I use to think “Happy Holidays! I gave someone else your gift!” but then, someone made a charitable donation in my name and it made me feel really good. I had almost nothing to do with it, but in another way, I kinda did.

Obviously, this isn’t going to fly for your 6-year-old nephew. But if you’re trying to find a gift for your 89-year-old Nanna who’s currently trying to get rid of half the stuff she owns, this might be a good way to go.

Just make sure it’s not a donation to the Human Fund! Yes, that is a Seinfeld reference.

Personalized Gifts

Chances are, your mom doesn’t need another glass bird for her glass bird shelf, and thanks to Christmases past, your husband has plenty of silk ties. This year, find a gift that’s a little more personal. Personalized gifts are timeless and meaningful, making them perfect for family and close friends. From modern wall art to a piece of jewelry, Soundwave Art offers a wide range of gifts that can be customized with a soundwave pattern created from your very own voice.


Here’s another gift idea for the person who has everything (or is just hard to buy for): the gift of an experience. This can be as simple as a gift card for a new restaurant or movie theater, or a little more extravagant, like tickets for a play, concert or sporting event.

The best part of these ideas? They can be tailored to fit almost any budget, and you don’t have to set foot into a single department store!

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